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Welcome to EUCAMP!
East Usambara Conservation Area Management Program [EUCAMP] is a joint venture between the governments of Tanzania, Finland and the European Union. The project was initiated to conserve the biodiversity in the unique East Usambara Mountains - in the Tanga region of northern Tanzania.

The East Usambaras are biologically an essential part of the Eastern Arc Mountain Range. These mountains are regarded as one of 25 globally important biodiversity "hot spots" according to Conservation International.

Amani Nature Reserve
The Amani Nature Reserve - or, amicably, the Amani Junction - is the beating heart of the East Usambara Mountains. 

Biodiversity Hotspot: The Eastern Arc Mountains

The village of Amani and the surrounding Nature Reserve hold a variety of localized flora and fauna that create an awe-inspiring appearance.

The Amani Nature ReserveAccessible from major cities in eastern Tanzania, including Dar Es Salaam and Tanga, the Amani Nature Reserve has organized a number of services catered to travelers who wish to see a sub-submontane tropical rain forest in East Africa. The reserve's Sigi Information Center is accessible from the Tanga - Moshi/Arusha highway at Muheza Town, some 30 km southwest of Tanga.

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