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About Eastern Arc

The great mission of East Usambara Conservation Area Management Programme is the conservation of biodiversity in these unique mountains. Biodiversity surveys bring the baseline data for that mission.

The biodiversity surveys cover the two series:

1. Forest Surveys
2. Plant and Animal Surveys

Chameleon, Oct 29 2001 - Photo by Veli PohjonenThe surveys are carried out forest area by forest area. During 2002 the surveys will reach the full coverage over East Usambara forest reserves. The surveys are done as joint effort of the EUCAMP, Frontier Tanzania and University of Dar es Salaam.

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  • Vascular Plants - See the latest reptiles checklist.
    East Usambara vascular plants are rather well studied during the past 100 years. The biggest species diversity is in this group: altogether 3502 plant species have been recorded in the mountains. Please be aware that as the plants are many, the checklist file is also rather big. It is worth noticing that latest record with many of the plants is rather old. The fundamental question of the biodiversity conservation is: Do the species, recorded some 20 or 50 years ago, still grow in the mountains?

  • Mammals - See the latest mammals checklist.
    East Usambara mammals are rather few as compared to vascular plants or birds. As it is a question of closed rainforests, there are no real big African mammals in the mountains. Leopard is believed to still occur in the forest, but confirmed observation is lacking.

  • Birds - See the latest birds checklist.
    East Usambara birds are best known of all the faunal and floral species diversity. The total number of bird species recorded so far, is 341, taking into account observations on the mountain plateau, slopes and foothills. The bird records are based on a number of published or otherwise certified references

  • Reptiles - See the latest reptiles checklist.
  • Amphibians - See the latest amphibians checklist.
  • Butterflies - See the latest reptiles checklist.

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